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Grunge Bricks Transparent

About Us

Born of Frustration as the song goes... Following a particularly stressful few days of work - nothing was going right, Calls not being returned, Emails ignored,  Printer won't print in colour, The internet kept dropping out.  A standard week basically. 


The conversation moved onto "wouldn't it be f*#&ing great to have somewhere to go and smash sh*t up to get rid of your anger and frustration?"

Sound familiar? 

This is how Xtreme Entertainment and Wreck-It Room was born...

Chris (the one with the printer issues) described this really cool concept where he'd enter a room and smash stuff up, without any fear of repercussions.  

Fast forward a few months and the world is locked down through a pandemic & life is turned upside down. However, from the flames rose a phoenix.  A phoenix in the shape of a baseball bat, crow bar, a sledgehammer… you get the picture.


Now, more than ever, the world needs a place where people can go to release frustration, tension, anger and cause wanton vandalism without the fear of jail or criminal convictions. 

Sound good?  Now choose your weapon and we'll see you in the Wreck-It Room.

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