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frequently asked questions

What about covid-19?

We continue to work very hard with local authorities to ensure we follow the Government Guidance to keep everyone as safe as possible.  Our equipment, PPE and building are cleaned and sanitised as often as it should.  Find out more about the current guidelines here. STAY SAFE EVERYONE!


What should I Wear?

No need to go overboard.  Just be sensible.  We hate toes, so please wear footwear that covers them.  You do that and we'll supply the protective gear.

Sadly we can't let you into the Wreck-It Room if your toes are showing.  Safety is boring but it's important.

is it priced per person?

No, all sessions are priced per package.  Therefore, our Wrecking Crew package totals £100 for up to 6 people, meaning it can cost as little as £16.67 per person.


Is there an age restriction?

Yes and no.  We allow anyone over the age of 18.  However, we are able to offer the

Wreck-It Room to people aged under 18, with supervision from an adult over 18.  Any participants that are under the age of 12 can be permitted with limited weapons.


Can I take part if I am pregnant?

Unfortunately, given the nature of the Wreck-It Room, we can't allow pregnant women to take part.  It's a health and safety thing.  Sucks, huh?


what can i wreck?

We have so much stuff for you to wreck.  This includes, but is not limited to - glassware, crockery, kitchen appliances, office equipment, tv's, furniture, DJ equipment, garden furniture and even fitness equipment (the diet doesn't have to start on Monday) - I'm sure we have something you'll love ripping to pieces!  If you book in advance, let us know if you have a specific item in mind to wreck.  We can't make guarantees but we'll try our best. 


When should I arrive?

Not too early, unless you wanted to enjoy a drink? 5-10 minutes is more than enough.  Before you enter the Wreck-It Room, we have to run through a safety thing - it won't take long.  Finally, we need you to sign our 'I'm not an idiot' form.  After that, you're ready to let loose.

Don't be late.  If you are, you'll sadly lose some Wrecking time, and no-one wants that.


Can I record my experience?

We do have an array of action cams that can be used so you can record your experience.  We'll also upload it to our social media pages - provided you are okay with it.  If you'd like to record the experience yourself, you're welcome to.  However, we can't be held responsible in the event of any damage being caused to your device.


CAn I bring my own things to wreck?

That's a toughie.  In certain cases, yes.  However, this will depend on a few factors.  Please get in touch with us to discuss any items you would like to bring along.


Can I use my own weapon?

Hilarious question, isn't it?  Sadly, we can only permit weapons that we supply.  Don't worry though, we've got one hell of a selection.


Can I use my own playlist?

Of course!  Hook it up to our system and let go.  If you forget, we've got a bunch of playlists with different vibes to choose from.  Don't worry, there's something for everyone.


what happens to the wrecked stuff?

We do our best to waste as little as possible.  Zero waste is always the goal.  We've teamed up with local recycling centres to ensure we reuse and recycle everything we can.  Doing our bit to save the planet!

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